What’s the Purpose?

January 29, 2020| Guy

Some time ago I had an opportunity to film inside the Zoo, and it became one of a life lessons for me.

Between the filming sessions, the Zoo keeper let me into the open cage with bunch of lemurs – weird creatures I would say, very curious, but very snobbish. Remind me of us.

I thought to myself: “They are kind of a monkeys, I’m kind of a monkey, there is no reason we couldn’t find a way to be friends”. But no matter how hard I tried, they continuously, and in the most negligent way, let me feel that I am a moron. Big, clumsy idiot who don’t understand the rules of the game.

I called up the Zoo guy and asked what’s their problem. He laughed at me and said: “They don’t see what’s your purpose there”.

Hm. Me neither. I just wanted to have a fun.

“Let’s try again” – I said.

This time I brought a small open basket of strawberries. And as expected, they jumped on me, emptied the basket, run aside to eat it, and from time to time came back to check if I had more. But still, regardless of my effort, they looked at me as if I’m a looser. Have you ever been humiliated by lemurs? Not a pleasant experience I’d say.

Ok. I begin to get it. Once again I brought the basket, but this time kept it closed.

At a start, they were a bit disappointed. I approached the one with the banana. In one hand I had a strawberry and with another open and empty hand I showed him my intention for the banana, and – Oh, Miracle! he agreed to exchange. That was the main rule of the game for them. Seeing that, many came to exchange and some even let me pet them.

After that, I was basically a family for them.  And weirdly, it made me sooooo happy.

“Did you find your purpose?” – The Zoo keeper laughed at me again, at the exit. I nodded and smiled.

Who would thing, that some stupid lemurs would teach me about Shared Economy more than the full course in university.


Monkey communication is a two-way street. That’s probably why Television Industry is dying.

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