and pricing philosophy

Our pricing philosophy derives from the simple question; How much would I personally pay if I need to buy a stock footage for my commercial projects?

We calculate our prices based on clip's quality, length, uniqueness, production cost, and production value,  divided by half.

We don't agree with policy of others to overcharge the price of the footage, but on other hand, we also don't try to disparage production market value. We do strive to appreciate the time, artistic experience and talents invested in production work. And we do try to keep a delicate balance between both of conflicting concerns. That's why our prices range 3$ - 65$, with average of 24$ per 4K clip, before the discounts.

But beyond all, we believe in free market and socially just prices. And due to the fact that we present here our own stock footage collection, that we acquired during several years in TV production industry, and we don't need to pay any commissions - we have an ability, occasionally, to make flexible prices, if needed, for the good cause.

So if you have interesting project, low budget, and find any of our footage useful - drop us a line, and perhaps we can be useful even more.

Automatic Discount System

prices are automatically calculated based on total sum of stock footage in a cart
10% OFF

for single purchase in the range of
000$ -> 100$
20% OFF

for single purchase in the range of
100$ -> 200$
30% OFF

for single purchase in the range of
200$ -> XXX$

Simply Universal

license agreement
Royalty free
Global distribution
Any media platform
Any private or commercial project

Custom Aerial Footage

service to hire - in the case you need something special
US$ 125

Basic Price *

Tel Aviv area
Single battery filming flight [15-22 minutes]
General locations accessibility

Custom Price *

Based on distance from Tel Aviv
Based on total length of filming flights
Based on complexity of location and permits

for the custom aerial footage and other production services, please contact us for a precise price quote and delivery timeline

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