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here are some random personal thoughts and insights, for us to remember

What’s the Purpose?

January 29, 2020 |

Some time ago I had an opportunity to film inside the Zoo, and it became one of a life lessons for me. Between the filming sessions, the Zoo keeper let me into the open cage with bunch of lemurs – weird creatures I would say, very curious, but very snobbish. Remind me of us. I thought to myself: “They are kind of a monkeys, I’m kind of a monkey, there is no reason we couldn’t find a way to be friends”. But no matter how hard I tried, they continuously, and in the most negligent way, let me feel that I am a moron. Big, clumsy idiot who don’t understand the rules of the game. I called up the Zoo guy and asked what’s their problem. He laughed at me and said: “They don’t see what’s your purpose there”.… Read more

Are you an abstract?

January 29, 2020 |

Well, Im not. And apparently, 70% of the all population are just like me – not an abstract thinking people. Abstract people are rare, weird and freakishly fascinating creatures. You can call them astronauts, parrots, or even “not of this world”, but they have a very important role – they are the glue of the society. Think a moment, two of the most popular concepts of human race are the absolutely abstract ones: God and Money. And so to say, that’s what holds us together. Personally, I’m more interested in storytelling side of an abstract, because, I believe, that’s what makes a story really interesting. I call it: A Schizophrenic Storytelling.… Read more

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