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Top aerial of Ramot Junction near Nabi Samuil National Park. Israel. 0217-21

Tomb of Samuel – a.k.a. Nabi Samuil – believed to be the site of Prophet Samuel’s burial place, and it has been traditionally associated as such by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

According to The Bible, the prophet was buried at his hometown, Ramah.
Nabi Samuil National Park is situated atop of a mountain, 890 meters above sea level, at the border between north-east part Jerusalem District and southern part of Benjamin Plateau.

The archeological complex contains several structures.
The mosque (the former Crusader church) that is still used for worship and it also contains a Muslim cenotaph.
Adjacent to the mosque section of the complex there is a Jewish Orthodox synagogue with a traditional tomb of Samuel in the basement.
The complex as a whole acts as a prominent landmark.

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