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Flying over ancient Hippos / Sussita National Park. Israel. -0741-08

Aerial footage of ancient Hippos / Sussita and surrounding area.

The ancient city of Hippos-Sussita of the Decapolis (Antiochia Hippos) is an archaeological site in Israel, located on the top of a flat, diamond shaped mountain, at the base of Golan Heights, 2 km off the eastern shore of Sea of Galilee, near modern Kibbutz Ein Gev.
The city was abandoned after an earthquake distraction in 749 CE.

Established as Antioch of Hippos by Seleucid settlers, the city is named after the Greek word for horse – Hippos.
Sussita a Hebrew word means “horse” in the feminine gender, while the Arabic name, Qal’at al-Hisn or Husn.

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