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Flying around Mausoleum of St. Barnabas. Cyprus. DJI-0247-10

Aerial view of St. Barnabas Burial Tomb near St. Barnabas Monastery.

St. Barnabas Monastery located in the Northern Cyprus, between Tuzla and Ancient Salamis, is dedicated to the patron saint of Cyprus, St. Barnabas.
About 100 yards from the monastery, there is a small mausoleum built on the spot where the saint’s remains were discovered. There are 14 steps which take you down to the cave under the building where the body of St Barnabas was hidden by his friends.

St Barnabas was one of the founders of the independent Greek Orthodox church. He, was born in Salamis to a Jewish family of the Levi clan.
During his religious education in Jerusalem, Barnabas witnessed some of the miracles of Jesus, and in 33 AD, he took up the faith of Jesus, and donated the family properties to the early church and the poor people of Jerusalem.
While living in Jerusalem, he was appointed Archbishop of Salamis, and in 45AD he returned to Cyprus, accompanied by his cousin and follower John Mark, and by Paul of Tarsus.

The church is now an astonishing icon museum, housing an impressive collection of Cypriot artefacts dating back as far as the 7th Century BC, which are kept in the monks’ old cells.

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