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Top aerial view of Scorpion Ascent at Negev Desert. Israel. DJI-0215-01

Aerial view of Scorpion Ascent, a.k.a Akrabim Ascent of Scorpion Pass, located along and near route #227, descending from the Negev Desert to Arava Valley, is a part of ancient Spice Route, is a stunning scenic route and one of the most beautiful sceneries the desert can offer.

The area was notable from Biblical times as the southern border of the “Promised Land”. It marked the border between Tribe of Judah and the nomadic tribes of Midian and Edom in the South.
It was during the Nabatean Period that the route became important part of the Spice Route, also known as the Silk Road – leading from modern-day Saudi Arabia to port on the Mediterranean, and three stations for camel changing and overnights were constructed along the way.
One of which Rogem Zafir. The site of Rogem Zafir, at the bottom part of Scorpion Ascent, was excavated and revealed a Roman/Byzantine fortress and a khan (caravanserai), which guarded and hosted the travelers along the Roman route.

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