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Flying over & scaring herd of sheep on slopes of Wadi Qelt. Israel. DJI-0182-04

Aerial view of breathtaking desert landscape and surroundings of Wadi Qelt, a.k.a Nahal Prat region at Judaean Desert. Main ancient road between Jerusalem and Jericho, a backdrop for the story of Good Samaritan.

If road stones could speak, Wadi Qelt, the main transportation route from Jericho to Jerusalem, would overwhelm us with stories about almost every important character in Israel’s history. This was a main pass to the Holy City, and everyone used it.
It is an iconic setup for the stories of Good Samaritan, hiding places of the prophet Elijah, David’s escape from Jerusalem, Jesus walked it many times, and even the 10th Roman Legion marched on it to destroy Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Wadi Qelt (also spelled Qilt and Kelt), in Hebrew Nahal Prat, is a valley, riverine gulch or stream in the in Judaean Desert, West Bank, originating near Jerusalem and running into the Jordan River near Jericho, shortly before it flows into the Dead Sea.

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