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Flying by Harod Valley to Ancient Bridge near Beit Shean. Israel. DJI-0149-02

Aerial view of Ancient Bridge over Harod Valley flowing toward the Jordan Valley near Beit Shean.
In Roman times, Beit Shean , once rich and glorious city, known also as Scythopolis prospered and became the leading city of the Decapolis, the only one west of the Jordan River.
Beit She’an offers the most extensive archaeological site in Israel, with some of the best-preserved ruins in the Middle East.
According to the excavations, the city was established in the Early Bronze age II (early 3rd Millennium), and the earlier findings in the area to the Chalcolithic period (about 45 century BC).
It is located in the center of major transportation routes from Europe to Africa, and from Sea to Arabia. Beit Shean is linked to several major Biblical events both in Old and New Testament .
Ancient rulers knew: However controls Beat Shean, controls communication and transportation between Europe, Africa and Near Asia.

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