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Flying around Herodium fortress ruins. West Bank. Israel. DJI-0142-10

Aerial overview Herodium National Park.

Herodium, Herodeion – best known in Israel as Herodion is a truncated-cone-shaped hill, 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) south of Jerusalem and 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) southeast of Bethlehem, in the Judaean Desert, West Bank.
Herod the Great built a palace fortress and a small town at Herodium, between 23 and 15 BCE, and is believed to have been buried there.

The Palace itself consisted of four towers of seven stories, courtyards, a Roman theatre, a bathhouse, banquet rooms, as well as extravagant living quarters for himself and guests.

At Lower Herodium – can be seen the ruins of the palace, a large pool, bath house, and buildings from the time of Herod.

Mt Herod – a partly man-made mountain, on which are the remains of Herod’s splendid palace, including a double fortification wall and sturdy towers.

Herod’s tomb – the remains of Herod’s tomb, built on the outer slope of the hill, facing Jerusalem.

Theatre – a small theatre seating 400. The theatre was apparently used for entertaining guests at the palace.

Escape tunnels – escape tunnels, cisterns and caves carved out by the Bar Kochba rebels.

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