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Caves of Ancient Petra. Jordan. GOPR1926-02.

Petra is one of those rarest places where tradition, mystery, mathematics, and almost touchable meaning of life mix together in the deep cultural, and a bit surreal, dance of senses.
It’s a middle from the outside, and “another world” from the inside. Starting with the fact that average person in Petra speaks 8-9 languages.
Depth of Petra Experience impossible to evaluate from the single visit.
Petra – the Rose-Red City, is magnificent structures carved from the pink and red coloured mountains, it also known as Lost City – for the centuries of its abandonment. It’s lonely no more. UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.
Obviously, the site of Petra is the main attraction, but only the local people, and nearby villages give the full and proper perspective of its magnificence.

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