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Fields near Tel Socho in Elah Valley. Israel. 847-0085

The Valley of Elah best know as the place of the famous Biblical battle between young David and the Giant Goliath, one of the classic Biblical drama stories.
The valley of Elah is a triangle shaped flat valley, located on the western edge of the Judah low hills.
This valley was an important corridor from the coast cities, up to the center of the land of Judah and its cities – Bethlehem, Hebron and Jerusalem.
Several sites around the valley where the camps of the Israelites and the Philistines were located to watch the battle – Azekah (Azeka), Sha’arayim (Shaaraim) and Sochoh (Socoh).
Its Hebrew name, Elah, is named after the Terebinth (Pistacia Palaestina) tree.

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