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Search for remaining Chametz (Leaven Bread). Passover. Israel. C0090-9

Traditional ceremony of search and removal of remaining bits and pieces and any trace of leavened products in the house the night before Passover Holidays begins.
Passover is also called the feast of unleavened bread.
Therefore we search and destroy chametz (leavened bread and leavened products) before Passover.
The process of creating a chametz-free environment comes to its climax the night before Passover. We conduct a veritable “search and destroy” mission to find any remaining chametz in our home and eradicate it. The search is traditionally conducted with a beeswax candle, using a feather, wooden spoon, and a paper bag for collecting any chametz found. It is customary to place ten pieces of bread throughout the house to be “found” during the search. These should be wrapped in paper or some other flammable wrapping (but not silver foil, as it does not burn), and perhaps then in plastic bags to prevent crumbs.

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