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Cleansing Passover kitchen utensils with boiling water. Jerusalem. C0068-2

Cleansing Passover kitchen utensils with boiling water in Shtiblach synagogue, in Jerusalem.
Some synagogues set up a Passover cleansings spots with fire and boiling water for the community.
Passover is also called the feast of unleavened bread.
Observant Jewish families typically own complete sets of serving dishes, glassware and silverware (and in some cases, even separate dishwashers and sinks) which have never come into contact with chametz – a leavened bread or any other leavened products, for use only during Passover. Under certain circumstances, some chametz utensils can be immersed in boiling water (hagalat keilim) to purge them of any traces of chametz that may have accumulated during the year.

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