Sharing Makes Us Stronger

March 22, 2019| Guy

Lets look at this from the prospective of history:
Many based-on-true-story movies, and actually, the fantasy movies too, describe the first action of unfortunate hero or heroin when he or she find them selves in the middle of the wild wild jungle – is to climb on the tree. That would be my instinct too, I guess. It is fairly easy and very secure. But comparing to apes, we are very clumsy or even handicapped climbers. So, from evolution point of view, we, the-humans, were too weak and couldn’t compete with apes on the right to live on trees and were forced to move down and live in more hostile environment – the plane ground, place with countless new and unknown to us dangers and endless unpredictable challenges.

{If you are creationist- that’s OK. Me too. Think of it as a parallel of being thrown out of Eden.}

So, the only way for us to survive on the plane ground in such a harsh environment – is to stay together as a large group. And the Group Life has one non-negotiable condition – Life in Unity.

Unity created security. Unity provided food and shelter for weak. Unity dominated over other species. Unity gave us the future. And whoever jeopardized unity – is actually jeopardized security and the future of each and every individual.

{That’s why we still can view any opposition as a danger, but that’s beyond the scope for now and we will touch it in another article}

The very basic principal and the core of the unity is – sharing.
Since the dawn of our civilization, sharing was the drive and the reason to develop language, social structure, education and craft specialization, so we each could find, or create our own role and place in shared economy and security.

So, what’s with the competitiveness? – I ask.

They both are essential for us, but have opposing objectives:

  • Competitiveness is based on outward short-term activity and it aims at outside threats and outsiders. It’s main objective is – protect what you have.
  • And sharing is based on inward long-term activity and it aims at close-by surroundings and community. It’s main objective is – grow what you have.

Both are rooted at the base of our human behavior. And with having less and less real outside threats, we tend to direct our competitive force toward other fellow humans, in order to protect us from any possible harm, gain advantage and secure existence. And the problem is – they do the same.

If we compare in depth between competitiveness and sharing, we will see that sharing is rooted deeper in our physiology and psychology than competitiveness. That is the single reason why we still didn’t totally kill each other, so far.

Regardless of an absolute logical understanding of the high role of competitiveness and it’s positive role in modern society, and overall acceptance of the competitive behavior, we are still longing for and reacting extremely emotionally when someone is breaking the sharing-code. Why? Because it’s stronger than us. On the basic level sharing is as strong as fight-or-flight instinct, or maybe even stronger. Because sharing is what helps each one us to survive as a weak human, when nothing else seems to work.

Till today, one of the main reasons why we are irrationally getting angry with other human beings is when they refuse to share. For instance our hostile attitude toward corrupted government, greedy corporation, and selfish individuals.
violates our trust and jeopardizes our basic instinct of survival.
Because sharing is always, I mean ALWAYS, the-two-ways-street. Or if you wish to look at it mathematically – it is function of multiplication.

Sharing differ from giving. Sharing – is when you give a homeless a coin, and expect something back; a blessing, a good word, and even simply a smile, or perhaps a boost of self-confidence. Because if you don’t get it, you will not share next time. So is the same from the other side. Nobody will share with you if you don’t share back.

Yes we divided into: “those who have” and “those who have not”, and yes, we are not equal, but each one of us has something good. And the good we have is always good enough to share. Im not necessarily talking about sharing a bread, or a bank bill, or a piece of clothes, if someone does this – God bless you, but it might also be a word of street-wisdom, or a good joke, some positive experience, or simply picking up the piece of trash from the flour to make our streets cleaner. We all have something good to share. After all – historically that’s what always helped us solve our problems. Because Sharing makes each one of us stronger individual.

You have unsolvable problem? – Share some good.

You failed and looking for the way up again? – Share some good.

You are strangling to find a vision or a purpose in life? – Share some good.

As an ancient wisdom says: “Without a vision, people perish”. I wish to complicate it a bit and say: Sharing – might be the ultimate purpose of our life,… and the vision.

Among all the great and efficient concepts that we have, only the  concept of sharing may help us to leave some mark in this world, and to pass on something meaningful, after we are gone, forever.

I wish I knew it earlier. {That’s what they will write it on my grave} 🙂

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