From Trivial to Original in 5

February 18, 2019| Guy

The secret of any successful massage or a story is to be Relevant and Unexpected, and it is based on two universal laws of human communication:

  1. We are wired to recognize symbols. [Our sublime force to make sense of existence].

  2. We are getting bored. [Our growth-force].

The problem is, the more we live – the less unexpected it gets.

The solution is, not in creating new symbols, ‘cause they become irrelevant, but rather finding unexpected connection to a familiar symbols.

[And connection, as you know, is the essence of a any story, and of any solution]

Here is simple and unlimited technique of “How-To” create unexpected angle with a relevant, but yet unusual, connection to your story:

1st step: Take an Object of your story. [might also be a Word, or an Action, or a Problem]

2nd step: Think of a Word that associated with this Object.

(It is the 1st degree symbol)

Most people would think of it too. So, congratulations you’ve created potentially:

<Trivial Angle>

3rd step: Think of a Word that is associated with the Word from the 2nd step.

(It is the 2nd degree symbol)

Now only some people would think of it too. And so you’ve created potentially:

<Intriguing Angle>

4th step: Now think of a Word that associated with the Word from the 3rd step.

(It is the 3rd degree symbol)

Very a few, or probably no man at all would think of it. And so, you’ve created:

<Original Angle>

*** The process can go on, but then if you wish to go that far, the result will create <Abstract>

5th step: The final step, is to fantasize and describe what is the connection between the <Original Angle> and the initial Object. And so my friend, you have created original point of view and unique angle to your story.

Congratulations, you are a genius. [definition]

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